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  Party A:______________  Party B:______________ 
  Contract No
  Signed at:____________
  Witnesses that the Party A for considerations hereinafter named, contracts and agrees with the Party B that Party A will, within_____ days, next following the date hereof, build and finish a Libarary Building for Party B. ( the building hereinafter is referred to as the said building.) The said building is of the following dimensions, with reinforced concrete, brick, stones and other materials, as are described in plans and specifications gereto annexed.
  In consideration of the foregoing, Party B shall, for itself and its legal representatives, promise to pay Party A the sum of one million RMB yuan in manner as follows, to wit:
  RMB_____at the beginning of the said work.
  RMB_____on _____/ _____/_____( for example: 3/21/2001)
  RMB_____ on_____/ _____/_____
  RMB_____ on_____/ _____/_____
  RMB_____ on_____/ _____/_____
  And the remaining sum will be paid upon the completion of the work.
  It is further agreed that in order to be entitled to the said payments ( the first one excepted, which is otherwise secured ), Party A or its legal representatives shall, according to the architect''s appraisement, have expended, in labor and material, the value of the payments already received by Party A, on the building, at the time of payment.
  For failure to accomplish the faithful performance of the agreement aforesaid, the party so failing agrees to forfeit and pay to the other_____RMB yuan as fixed and settled damages, within one month form the time so failing.
  In witness whereof we have hereunto set our hands and seals the day and year first above written.
  Signed, sealed and delivered
  Party A :______________   Party B:_______________ 


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